Concrete Surgeons have been making precision incisions in concrete, asphalts, block and brick for 25 years. Concrete drilling, concrete sawing, wire sawing and specialized demolition.

Slab sawing

Sidewalks to runways

The concrete sawing experts with capabilities in all slab sawing venues.

Core drilling

Up to 32 inch diameter

Core drilling through concrete slab, wall, pan deck or footers.  Industrial, schools, utilities and waste water treatment plants are our specialties.

Wall sawing

Surgical precision and removal

Whether it is an overhead door, window opening through concrete, block or brick our surgeons work is clean, precise and on time.

Wire sawing

Projects with structural limitations

Wire sawing can be employed in a variety of projects. We precisely slice through massive concrete structures without disrupting the integrity of the structure remaining.

Featured services in focus


Ground Penetrating Radar

A quicker and safer inspection of concrete structures without interruption of operations at a fraction of the cost of radiography.

Specialized demolition

accurate and safe

Innovative, safe, and structurally sound specialized demolition.


Why choose us?

We have twenty-four years of precision concrete sawing and drilling.

Projects done on time

Our team will do all your projects on time and well within the budget. We always guarentee our work.

Always available

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project or our work.

Professional and responsible

You can always count on Concrete Surgeons. Our team of professionals will help you turn your project into a reality fast.